Watch The First Six Minutes of ‘Strike Back’

Cinemax's new action series gets off to a fast start as Michael Stonebridge tracks down former Delta Force Operative, Damien Scott.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Later tonight, Strike Back will debut on Cinemax with the first of ten episodes following the elite British intelligence agency, Section 20 as they attempt to track down one of the most dangerous terrorists in the world.

"Strike Back" represents a seismic shift for Cinemax; which up to this point has seemed content to let its corporate sibling HBO have a number of original series without much internal competition. From the early trailers, "Strike Back" looks like it's going to be action packed with some occasional female nudity. Hey… this is a Cinemax show, after all!

Prior to tonight's debut, Cinemax has released the first six minutes from the premiere, in which Sergeant Michael Stonebridge ( Philip Winchester) is recruited to find former Delta Force Operative, Damien Scott (Sullivan Stapleton) after a disastrous raid in the Middle East. But when Stonebridge catches up to Scott, he finds that Scott has some rather unique problems all of his own…


It should be noted that this is actually the second season of "Strike Back," which originated at the British network Sky. The current season is a co-production between Sky and Cinemax and will largely stand alone so that new viewers can just jump on board. The original star of the series, Richard Armitage will reprise his role as John Porter in this season and he even appears in the clip above as a prisoner of war.

"Strike Back" premieres  tonight at 10PM only on Cinemax!