Vampires Invade InFamous 2

New blood-sucking downloadable content comes to InFamous 2 in time for Halloween.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Today, Sony and Sucker Punch have announced that vampires are coming to InFamous 2 in the form of new downloadable content this October. InFamous 2: Festival of Blood sees vampires invade New Marais and it’s up to Cole to track down their leader and kill him/her/it. Oh, Cole also needs to find a cure for the infection or all of New Marais is screwed. No pressure. And to add one more monkey wrench into the equation: Cole is a vampire himself. Oh, snap!

Now we know what you’re probably thinking: Twilight has taken over one of our favorite video game franchises and it’s essentially the end of days. Typically, we’d be right there with you with our “The End is Nigh” picket signs, but we’re staying optimistic here. Do you remember how well Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare turned out? Yea, we’re hoping InFamous 2: Festival of Blood follows in the same vein as that exemplary downloadable expansion. Just no sparkly vampires, Sucker Punch. OK?

Unfortunately, Sony is being coy about whether this downloadable game is indeed single player DLC for InFamous 2, or if it’s a completely standalone PSN offering that doesn’t require the original InFamous 2 disc to play. A lot of sources are pointing to standalone content, but the press release we received says “new single player DLC.” Hopefully Sony will clarify this soon.

In the meantime, sink your teeth into the InFamous 2: Festival of Blood teaser trailer below. Sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun.