Top 5 Coveted Weapons in Gaming

We saw them, we had to have them...

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

DOOM and the BFG

One of the biggest draws to gaming, and stop me if this is almost too basic, is doing cool shit with other cool shit. It’s shooting tanks with that hard to find rocket launcher, flying the one plane on a multiplayer map directly into an enemy base, spending 20 hours of quest time for a single set of gloves with sweet gems on them to increase loot drop rates…

We hear about weaponry that’s massively badass, and we go out of our way to seek it out and give it a try. This list celebrates that idea: our 5 most coveted weapons. The 5 items we saw once and went bonkers to have.

The Scorpion Tank – Halo

One of our favorite weapons/vehicles to snag in multiplayer. While any decent opponent can take down a Scorpion with relative ease and a bit of strategy, there are always those matches where you’re lucky enough to snag the tank early and go on a 30 kill spree. We love that, and every time we see the tank open, regardless of what we’re doing, we rush for it…

…and possibly team kill the dude that gets to it first…

The Biggoron Sword – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The Biggoron Sword - Zelda

A giant Goron is the first to tell young Link about this special new project he’s working on. It’s a sword, as you learn once you’re an adult, and you have to hunt the shit out of ingredients and trades in order to get the sucker forged. Once you have it, it does more damage than the Master Sword. Downside? It’s slower and you can’t your shield while wielding it.

The RYNO V – Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time

Part shotgun, part rocket launcher, part machine gun, all incredible. It makes sense that you have to trek across the furthest reaches of space to collect the blueprints of the RYNO V before you can use. In typical Insomniac fashion, the weapon is ri-goddamn-diculous. We love it.

The Gravity Gun – Half-Life 2

Look at items, pick them up, throw them or drop them. It’s simple, but it f&*$ing blew our minds into a tiny bajillion pieces when we saw it in action. Oh, we wanted the Gravity Gun hard when we first heard about it…the wait was worth the anticipation.



The Big ‘Effin Gun, gamers know it, love it, covet it. It lays waste to the evil denizens of DOOM, and, quite honestly, we’d love to see it in every game ever made. Call of Duty? Yep. Uncharted? Uh-huh. Madden 12? Bingo.

There have been a lot of weapons built over the course of gaming history, what are some of your most coveted?