Ridley Scott Returns for More ‘Blade Runner’

The Alien and Prometheus director returns to yet another of his science fiction classics.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Wow. We did not see this coming, although maybe we should have: six months after Alcon Entertainment (makers of The Blind Side) acquired the rights to make more Blade Runner movies, they've hired the one director whose take on the material probably won't piss off Ridley Scott fans: Ridley damned Scott. Seriously, good for them.

Deadline reported on the exciting, or at least fascinating news. Not much is known about Alcon Entertainment's take on Blade Runner, although it is suspected to be a prequel or sequel as opposed to a remake. Personally we'd either like to see a completely different story that happens to take place in the same Blade Runner world, or if we absolutely have to revisit the old characters, we might like to see the origin of Roy Batty and his replicant rebels. Maybe we could see those things we supposedly couldn't imagine, like attack ships off the shoulder of Orion.


Or maybe that prequel is a stupid idea, since it would diminish Rutger Hauer's classic monologue from the end of the original film. One thing we know for certain: if Harrison Ford comes back, he apparently wasn't a replicant after all.

The project is still in early pre-production, so unless Ridley Scott – who recently returned to his Alien franchise for the prequel Prometheus – has a take on the material he wants to share with us soon, expect oodles of speculation in the weeks, months, and maybe even years ahead.

CraveOnline will return with more Blade Runner news if we ever catch up to that damned unicorn.