CraveOnline’s new video series “Gone Viral”

Meet the characters from CraveOnline's upcoming scripted series, Gone Viral.

Becky Youngby Becky Young

Justin Pratt wants to be famous. A Content Assistant at an online website, Justin spends his days surfing the web and inputting data into spreadsheets.  A pretty boring way of life is about to change when Justin decides to recruit his friends and create the next big viral video.

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Now that you know the players – Let's meet the team!

Justin Pratt: Quirky Roomate and best friend of Aiden since elementary school. Justin works as a Content Assistant at a mens website company. He hates his job because he feels he should already be a star. Extremely ambitions/creative

Aiden Christopher: Aiden is your typical star quarterback in high school. His favorite pass times are video games, sports and surfing.  Aiden also loves the party scene and networking, as his day job is in marketing. He has been dating a supermodel – Alexis Adams – for 2 years. Content with life.

Kaylie Summers: Works as Justin’s boss at the office. Very laid back girl next door. Just one of the guys. Kaylie loves video games, anime, technology  and comics. She hangs out almost every night with Aiden/Justin. Although they have not known each other long, Kaylie is fast becoming Aiden's best friend.

Alexis Adams: Model girlfriend of Aiden. She has been planning their wedding since they started dating 2 years ago. While Alexis loves Aiden, in her mind, her world revolves around her and her alone. She is a type A personality with a passion for anything designer or chic.

Brit Barnes: Model friend of Alexis. She is Alexis's "henchwoman". Follower. Brit and Lana are never separated from Alexis and are girls who are trying to ride on Alexis’s coat tail.

Lana Lane: Model friend of Alexis. Not the brightest bulb in the box. Follower who has a big heart but bad decision making skills. Brit and Lana are never separated from Alexis and are girls who are trying to ride on Alexis’s coat tail.

Dustin Ryan: IT Supervisor at Justin’s office. Extremely akward. Doesn’t know how to talk to ladies. Always getting dragged into Justin’s projects because he is a huge dork with a lot of untapped talent. Always promised free games in exchange for work.


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