New Marvel Teasers: Shattered Heroes & X-Men

What's up after Fear Itself?  Beat-up good guys, long-haired chain-sporting Hulk and a mystery or two for the X-Men, too.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Shattered Heroes

Well, Fear Itself so far has been underwhelming, so it's no big surprise that Marvel's hyping the stuff that comes after it now.  They revealed at Comic-Con that much of the aftermath will be branded Battle Scars, and they've also teased this Shattered Heroes business with a couple of images you can see below.


Shattered Heroes


Shattered Heroes


So, who's the dude in the back with the shovel-lookin' thing?  Who's the other silhouetted dude in the back?  Things we'll learn.  Why is Hulk all long-haired and pimped-out?  That answer will come in Jason Aaron's Incredible Hulk #1.

“The war is over, and the warriors return home, carrying with them scars of battle, both physical and mental. Now the cost will be tallied, the casualties buried and mourned, the rubble swept up and carted away," adds Tom Brevoort to his line in the first teaser image. "But the damage to our heroes isn’t easily repaired, the wounds not easily healed.  Decisions are made and lives are changed—can shattered heroes find renewed courage to go on?”

There definitely should be some serious aftermath to Fear Itself, which you wouldn't know if you were checked into Spider Island already – come on.  EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD HAS BEEN DESTROYED.  Maybe that ante was upped a little too far, too fast.

Anyway, also in the pipeline is some new X-Men stuff, as X-Men: Schism is well-underway and set to end about the same time as Fear Itself and Avengers: The Children's Crusade.  We know the main teams will be split into the Uncanny X-Men and Wolverine and the X-Men along philosophical lines, and the rest will scatter about into various other X-Men titles.  So here's a new variant cover for Wolverine and one for X-Men #20 which will give you more fodder for guessing who's gonna wind up where, thanks to those handy silhouette games.  Who's on Jubilee's side?


X-Men #20


Wolverine and the X-Men