Mike Judge on the return of Beavis and Butt-Head

Mike Judge answers the question of the decade, 'have they scored'?

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

Beavis and Butt-Head

Every time I’ve interviewed Mike Judge, I always ask him if he’ll bring Beavis and Butt-Head because we need them now more than ever. Now he finally is, and that’s exactly how MTV describes the new show. So between a panel for the Television Critics Association and a cocktail party later that evening, I asked Judge all my burning questions about the new Beavis and Butt-Head.


CraveOnline:  In the time since we’ve last seen Beavis and Butt-Head, have they scored?

Mike Judge: They have not scored.


CraveOnline:  Will there be any mention of how long it has been since we’ve seen them?

Mike Judge: We’ll try not to talk about how long it’s been. They never mentioned much time passing back in the day either.


CraveOnline:  What are their thoughts in a world of social media and cell phones?

Mike Judge: They probably have as few thoughts on those things as they ever have. You definitely had to look at it as the world is different. People have cell phones. They watch stuff online. We dealt with that a little bit. I didn’t want to do a big conscious forcing modern stuff on them. There’s an episode where they work tech support that came out pretty good I think, based on my phone calls with tech support people. There’s an episode where they see Twilight and all these girls are into vampires. They try to become undead. Stuff like that that’s a little bit topical. I wanted to make it not too forced, make it still feel as seamless as I could to what it was years ago.


CraveOnline:  Can you reuse the old shots of Beavis and Butt-Head sitting on the couch?

Mike Judge: Yeah, in a way. During the videos, yes. Don’t tell anybody, but yeah. No, we are reusing a lot of the couch stuff on the video. There’s some new stuff but it’s a mishmash.


CraveOnline:  So if the rest of the episode is high def, does the frame close in when you use the old footage?

Mike Judge: Yes. There was a lot of juggling around with the aspect ratio which is just crazy now. There are so many formats floating around. I just try to make sure nothing gets lost.


CraveOnline:  Even though their critiques of videos were hilarious, the best parts were when they just talked about random things. Are you still doing that?

Mike Judge: Yes, I was talking at Comic-Con about how back in the day when I had this daunting task of having Beavis and Butt-Head talk about all these videos. I was just like there’s only so much they can say about music. I was listening to Howard Stern driving in when I was in New York, listening to that stream of consciousness thing. I had this epiphany where I thought why not just have Beavis and Butt-Head talk about anything at all?


CraveOnline:  We’re very happy to see more Cornholio. Could you believe that became such a signature thing for Beavis?

Mike Judge: When I first did it, I thought this is either going to be embraced by people or it’s just going to be the worst episode we’ve ever done. It’s just going to be one or the other. I am pleasantly surprised that people still, when they see it, oh, he’s going to do Cornholio, they get excited about it. It’s fun to do. It takes a lot out of me to do it but it is fun to do. It’s kind of like going back to being a hyperactive kid or something like that.


CraveOnline:  Does MTV let you push further now? South Park can say sh*t on Comedy Central.

Mike Judge: It seems like they do and sometimes they don’t. That’s always a tough one. That’s always a little rough. It’s just a different set of things that they’re sensitive about. There’s always some hot button thing. There’s some stuff we’re doing now that I don’t think we could’ve done back then.