Ed Brubaker’s Secret New Marvel Series

Critically-beloved writer Ed Brubaker says Fear Itself 7.1 will be an crucial book for fans of his long run on Captain America and will set up his new secret series.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Fear Itself 7.1

"I cannot emphasize enough the importance of what is now called Fear Itself 7.1 – Captain America to my longtime Cap readers," said Ed Brubaker, longtime Cap writer, on Twitter today.  "Not only is it some of Butch [Guice]'s finest artwork, but it sets up my next year of Marvel work on Cap and a secret book yet to be announced.  Retailers will be wishing they had more stock in this issue come January, with the new secret #1 that's debuting."

"Just consider it an issue of Cap, which is what it basically is," he added later.  "I didn't know what it would be called when I wrote it."

So Brubaker will continue Captain America, for sure, but the secret new series?  Well, it's all hush-hush, of course, but I think we can certainly assume that Bucky Barnes isn't as dead as Fear Itself wants us to believe.  There was far too much set up for Bucky to do after he escaped from a Russian gulag with the knowledge that there are a lot more Winter-Soldier-esque sleeper agents out there that he has to track down and stop before they're activated.  I think we've got every reason to believe that Bucky will get his own book, but we also know he can't be Captain America anymore.  Will he reclaim the Winter Soldier identity?  Maybe he'll take up the mantle of Nomad, or actually be dead but reincarnated by Odin into some kind of worthy warrior to rub it in the face of Baron Zemo, who destroyed his life because he hadn't earned the right to be Cap?

Lots of questions, but you can bet James Buchanan Barnes will be involved somehow.  You don't just bring a guy back from the dead like that to kill him again a few years later.