5 Marriage Proposal FAILS

Love hurts. Love hurts BIG TIME. But thank your lucky stars you're not one of these people.

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

There's this word you can only say in German, "Schadenfreude." You probably already know what it means. 

"Delight in the misfortune of others."

Of course there is a German word for this. And as sick as it might be to admit it… it feels pretty good to laugh at some of these people. Why? Because you're not them. 

Marriage proposals are a risky venture to begin with. A life changing decision all teetering on how someone feels about you. Now why would you want to add the pressure of having a public audience? Some say it may be more romantic, but realistically, for these people it just adds more sting to the punch.

But hey, to all of those who have their hearts broken — you're going to be better off. 

Here are some of the best marriage proposal fails. Take a look:

And the slap on top of it! Ouch. What's worst about this is that she rejects the proposal halfway through and the rest of the video is him just flat-out suffering! Have a heart, people! And to top it off, they're fans of the Minnesota Twins. Talk about adding insult to injury.

Arguably, the best part about this fail is that the announcers call it before it happens. Let this be a lesson. Sporting events = potential disaster!

So elaborate! So well planned! I don't know what hurts more — the fact that she rejected him, or the fact that some jackass on the news tries to "feel your pain."

This has everything. A sweet guy. A cute young girl. Old folk onlookers. Even some schmuck playing Neil Diamond on the guitar. This is what he gets for trying to capture the true romantic essence of the Eden Valley Mall Food Court. 


And as not to be a total cynical bastard, here is one proposal where the girl says YES! But… things go a little awry.

We hope you enjoyed some Schadenfreude. Now get back to work!