5 Must See Games at PAX Prime

There are a ton of games to play at PAX, but here are five we're really pumped to get our hands on.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


PAX Prime is right around the corner, kicking off Friday, August 26th and running till Sunday, August 28th. And since we’ll be in attendance, we’re currently knee deep into the appointment scheduling process. While we plan to check out as many games as possible at PAX Prime 2011, there are a few that top our list. Here are the five games we’re most excited to see at the convention.

Mass Effect 3


It’s kind of shocking that we’ve yet to play Mass Effect 3 in any capacity. We’ve been to quite a few press events that hosted the game, but we’ve never had time to swing by the EA booth and check out BioWare’s trilogy concluder. That ends at PAX Prime. We are carving out time to play this game if it means the death of us. We need more Commander Shepard in our lives, dammit!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


It’s time to be come clean: we didn’t care much for Skyrim after our demo at E3. Outside some cool looking dragons, the game looked downright boring. We know, blasphemy. That’s why we’re giving it a second chance to wow us at PAX Prime. Because honestly, we really want to love the game as much as its faithful fan following does. We’re hoping Bethesda brings out the big guns for their PAX demo.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary


So what if this is a 10-year-old game? We’re still really excited to see what 343 Industries has done to touch up such a classic. We know this HD remastering looks fantastic, but we want to pick up the controller and be transported back to a time when console FPSs were still scoffed at. Man, how the times have changed, and the first Halo is responsible for that. The original Halo defined console first-person shooters ten years ago and we’re excited to relive the magic with a new coat of paint.

Indie Gems


This entry is kind of cheating since it encompasses a potential infinite number of games. The PAX conventions are a perfect opportunity to test out games from up-and-coming developers. Every PAX convention we’ve been to has revealed a number of diamonds in the rough that unfortunately get overshadowed by the large blockbuster titles. We can thank PAX for drawing our attention to titles such as Shank and Trenched. We’re hoping to stumble across more amazing indie titles at PAX Prime, then rush to our computers to tell you all about them. Fez, here we come!

Borderlands 2


This is the big one for us. Since Borderlands 2 was just announced, it still has a sense of mystique surrounding it. We want to get to know it, really well. That’s why Borderlands 2 is our most anticipated title of PAX Prime 2011. We can’t wait to get our hands on the game and see all the new bells and whistles Gearbox is adding to an already stellar foundation. We’re getting excitement just thinking about it. So we have to stop, or we might just bust out of these jeans, if you catch our drift.

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