5 Weatherman Freak-Outs!

Think Hurricane Irene was buzz-kill? Check these guys out.

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

No one really knows why a weatherman snaps. Some say it is because they were left out in the rain as children, others say it’s because they failed to become gym teachers. Maybe it’s because when they’re right, no one cares. And when they’re wrong, everyone hates them.

It’s tough trying to be the soothsayer of the skies. So every now and then when one of them snaps, we can’t help but forgive them. It’s understandable, right?

But we’ll be damned if it isn’t funny as hell to watch. We here at CraveOnline have done some crack investigative research and found you the web’s funniest weatherman freak-outs!

Check ‘em out: 

1. Tourette Weatherman

AHAHAHHAHAH! Look at him smile! You bet someone just lost their job! 

2. Rapping, Screaming, Psycho Weatherman!

How much blow do you think this guy does before every forecast?


3. Let me FINISH, Carol!

The sexual tension between those two was palpable.


4. Scared-y Cat Weatherman

What do you think would happen if there was run in his nylons?


5. Dramatic Monologue Weatherman

"Once more into the breech, dear friends."


We really hope you enjoyed 5 Weatherman Fresk-Outs! As always stay tuned to CraveOnline Comedy for more hilarious content!