Gears of War 3 Gets DLC Season Pass

For a set price you can lock yourself into the first four DLC packs at a discount.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


This news is coming in about a day late, so blame my travels back to the East Coast from PAX Prime 2011 for the tardy posting. It looks as though peer pressure has gotten the better of Microsoft and Epic Games. Much like with Mortal Kombat and L.A. Noire before it, Gears of War 3 will be adopting a DLC “Season Pass” that, should you choose to buy into, locks you into the first four DLC packs for the title at a set, discounted price. By choosing to go the Season Pass route, you’ll save yourself 33% on the game’s add-ons, while also netting yourself an exclusive liquid metal weapons set (shown below).


Microsoft and Epic remain coy about what the DLCs will offer when they launch, outside claiming they “add hours of campaign and multiplayer mayhem.” It seems as though Microsoft has a consistent stream of DLC planned for Gears of War 3 after the game launches on September 20, 2011, starting in November with the first DLC add-on.

So how much will this Season Pass run you? On the day Gears of War 3 launches you’ll be able to snag the Season Pass for 2400 MS Points, which is roughly $30. That might seem like a hefty chunk of change, but take into consideration how much DLC costs for titles like Call of Duty. Those suckers run you $15 a pop. That means four DLC add-ons for Call of Duty would cost you $60, which is sadly the same price as the full game.  With that in mind, the Gears 3 Season Pass seems like a steal.