Holy Grail Takes Holy Spill

The Stanley Cup is looking a bit lopsided as it nears the finish of its summer tour.

Ed Millerby Ed Miller

Remember that time you broke your best friends favorite toy and tried to play it off as though nothing even happened?  Well this is exactly like that!

The Stanley Cup is almost finished its Boston Bruins summer tour, as each player gets to spend one day with sports’ ultimate trophy, doing whatever they see fit with the Cup in their 24 hour period.  Tuesday was Michael Ryder’s turn to enjoy the fruits of his labor and he decided to take the Cup to his hometown of Bonavista, Newfoundland. 

The day’s activities included a parade, a public viewing and a rally but halfway through the day, the Twitter-verse was all a-buzz as news quickly spread that Ryder had dropped the Cup.  The aftermath of the incident was a dented top, which left it looking rather lopsided.  Hockey’s holy grail had been damaged and fans made sure they let everyone on their social media sites know they weren’t happy with Ryder.

Ryder had placed the trophy on a table but the table was not level and the Cup quickly fell over.  Ryder tried to just play it off, as he picked it up and continued with the ceremony, barely missing a beat.

But this is definitely not the first time that his has happened.  The Cup has a long history of getting abused, even after the league began sending Cup caretakers to travel with it in the mid ‘90s.

Here is the video, courtesy of The Telegraph:


So it looks like the Cup will play injured for the remainder of the season, thankfully the offseason is close but it is going to need more offseason surgery than Chris Pronger before it can be shown off next June.

Photo courtesy of The Associated Press.