UPDATED: Deus Ex: HR DLC Incoming?

The Internet does not disappoint. The code has been cracked, and we have incoming DLC in October.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Updated Story: It didn't take long for the Deus Ex enthusiasts to catch the rabbit Eidos Montreal was making them chase. Mere days after Eidos released a mysterious code to crack, the Internet had done just that. The secret was out: Deus Ex: Human Revolution is getting new DLC this October. 

The upcoming story-driven DLC is being labeled "The Missing Link," and it covers Adam's three day disappearance in Human Revolution. The entire DLC episode takes place on a freighter ship with Adam's augmentations disabled. That's right kids, you're going to have to adapt to your surrounding without your precious powers. However, players will be able to rebuild Adam from scratch over the course of the DLC. 

So, if you already blew through Human Revolution's campaign (Are you some kind of robot?!), then this DLC should be exciting news. Finally, here's a teaser image for The Missing Link. 


Original Story: The chances of getting single player downloadable content for Deus Ex: Human Revolution is looking pretty good. A reveal of said content could be coming any day now. Square Enix and Eidos Montreal have put the Internet hive-mind to work on a code-deciphering puzzle that many speculate will lead to a DLC announcement.

I’ll be honest with you, the code that Eidos Montreal wants us nerds to crack to earn the announcement is a little intense, and honestly too much work for this lazy son of a bitch. But there are some hardcore Deus Ex fans out there willing to sacrifice sleep, food and loved ones to know the truth about what Eidos Montreal is cooking up for the recently-released sci-fi RPG.

The latest rumor circling the water cooler is that this soon-to-be-announced single player DLC will take place entirely on a floating prison ship where illegal experiments are being conducted on the inmates. The player will also be cut off from communications with his superiors and working independently, a nice change of pace from how the full Deus Ex: Human Revolution game is handled. There’s even some speculation that this upcoming DLC will not continue the story of lead character Adam Jensen, but will instead let players play as the original star of the first Deus Ex, JC Denton, in a prequel adventure.

When the code is cracked and the details spilled, we’ll be reporting back with the official info. Until then, go play more Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Or, if you consider yourself one of those hardcore Deus Ex fans I was talking about earlier, here’s a link to the progress of the code-breaking game, courtesy of vg247.