AMC Gives Kevin Smith A Reality Series & Supersizes ‘The Walking Dead’

The second season of "The Walking Dead" gets a longer premiere and an even longer mid-season break.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

It's been a tumultuous summer for fans of "The Walking Dead," after Frank Darabont's sudden departure and the rumored stories about his budget clashes with AMC. However, fans of the series have just gotten some good news… and more bad news.
According to Deadline, the second season premiere of "The Walking Dead" will be 90 minutes long, much like the original pilot episode. And although the season premiere is only a few weeks away on Sunday, October 16, the network has also announced that there will be an extended hiatus between the seventh and eighth episodes of the season.

Essentially, that means that the second half of "The Walking Dead's" second season will kick off on Sunday February 12, eleven weeks after episode 7 airs and just in time for the February sweeps.

In other AMC news, cult filmmaker Kevin Smith's "Secret Stash" reality series has been given a pickup by the network. The series will be set in Smith's New Jersey based comic book store, Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash and " capture the world of the neighborhood comic book store and fanboy culture" over the course of six episodes.

 “Draper.  Meth.  Zombies.  This show couldn’t be on a better network,” said Smith in a statement. “AMC is to television what Miramax was to cinema back when I first got in the game: they’re the premier destination for any story-teller looking to spin an offbeat yarn that no other outlet has the stones to touch. And as if I didn’t love them enough, now they’re putting my friends on TV!  I’m ecstatic, proud, and extremely lucky to be in bed with a network I watch religiously anyway.  And if they’d pushed just a little harder in the negotiations, I’d have done this show for no payment beyond early access to every episode of 'Mad Men,' 'Breaking Bad,' and 'Walking Dead.'"

"Secret Stash" will debut on AMC during the first quarter of 2012.


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