Historectomy Episode 2 “Vlad the Impaler”

We cover Dracula's inspiration: Vlad...The Impaler...shot caller...20 inch blades on his Impala...

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller

The next entry on our history tour is the completely understood Vlad The Impaler! (He's not really misunderstood, he's just kinda emo and brutally violent…listen for yourself!)


This episode we cover: Harrison Ford as the head of the Order of The Dragon, how to properly impale someone, what the band "Disturbed" and "My Chemical Romance" have in common, myths about the Ottoman empire, why Europe isn't as badass as AMERRRRICA, and Big Radu's Big Betrayal! Vlad was the ruler of Wallacia but he also had one of the most tragic upbringings we've heard yet, and his bloodthirsty reign over Transylvania was still WELL LIKED by the commonfolk! Find out why inside this episode.



Also, check out this YouTube video of the music we used during the breaks. It's a really HEAVY version of Mozart's "Turkish March" which I thought was at least partially appropriate.

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Till next week history lovers! YOU BELONG IN A MUSEUM!