5 Awesome Pokemon Music Videos

Check out 5 Awesome Pokemon Music Videos, 2 parodies, 2 smoking hot Pikachu's, 1 pedo-tastic Misty and tons of balls!  

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Gathered below is a list of some of the most viewed, and best Musical Pokemon videos. From Musical parodies and spoofs, to a Pokemon Musical and a Pokemon F U the the "man". Enjoy, and hold on to your pokeballs.

Pokemon! Party Rock LMFAO Parody!

By ScreenTeamShow

Features screen team hottie Angie Griffin in her pokeball bra, as a feisty Pikachu and in a variety of hot outfits from school girl to French maid. All in the name of Pokeballs!

To the tune of LMAFO’s Party Rock Anthem

Pokemon: The Musical

By TheOnlineMusical

Might not have the flash and tight production seen in other videos, but they make up for it in Hot Pikachu action and lyrical innuendo. It’s also a bit smarter than some of the other songs, and just fun.


Lady Gaga – The Edge Of Glory (Pokemon) Official Music Video Parody

by WinterSpringPro

With nearly 200,000 views this seemed to fit in. It’s clearly a fan favorite. So I suppose if you love lady gaga and pokemon this one’s for you. Now I have to get out of my meat dress to write the blur for the next video.

Pokemon Theme Song REVENGE!

by smosh

Back in the early days of Youtube, the 2 man duo known as SMOSH put up a lip sync video using the original pokemon theme song. And it was really bad, like really, this was before everyone had HD camera’s readily available for the public and youtube standard format player was still a 4:3 square… I mean like really awful.

The execs behind pokemon took down a lot of these types of videos, and along with it this Smosh original (which can now be found a hundred times over in various places).

Not to be forgotten, or one to let a grudge go, the boys of SMOSH returned years later, with this epic retort.

Finally and without explanation. This —

Bill Cosby Pokemon Rap

by ubercream

Enjoy and go catch em all… just the Pokemon though, not the STD's.