UPDATE: Eddie Murphy to Host the Oscars!

Our very own B-Movies Podcast predicted it three weeks ago. And we've just confirmed that we were 100% right.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

[UPDATE: Deadline has just confirmed that Eddie Murphy is, indeed, hosting the 2012 Oscars. Just like we said he would. You can thank us now.]

When they announced that Brett Ratner was hosting this year's Academy Awards, CraveOnline's very own B-Movies Podcast predicted that he'd get Eddie Murphy, the star of Ratner's upcoming film Tower Heist, to host the program. It turns out that, as we say on every program, "We're smarter than you" after all. Deadline is reporting that Murphy is indeed Brett Ratner's first choice to host the 2012 Academy Awards telecast, and is currently in talks to make that happen.

The Oscars have been in need of a superior host ever since Billy Crystal left. While Whoopi Goldberg had her fans, and Steve Martin had a dry wit many of us enjoyed, there hasn't been a host who really sparkled for over almost a decade now. Certainly not Anne Hathaway and James Franco, whose hosting duties this past year were widely criticized. Eddie Murphy could be just the thing the Academy needs: a big name, a genuinely funny man (when he's not in terrible movies, that is), and a man who was famously snubbed for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar, which could give him just the right amount of snark needed to not play it entirely safe. It certainly wouldn't hurt Eddie Murphy's career either, since he's been floundering for a hit that didn't have the word "Shrek" in the title ever since 2003's Daddy Day Care. Much has been made of the Oscars' dwindling ratings, but they still reach well over 30 million viewers every year. That's probably around 29,999,993 more than the number people who would admit to watching Norbit.

If Murphy turns the hosting duties down, Billy Crystal has reportedly expressed interest in taking over once again, but Deadline reports that either way the funnyman "will almost certainly be incorporated into the show in some marquee way."

For those of us who actually care about who hosts the Oscars (it's CraveOnline's Film Channel, after all), how would you feel about Eddie Murphy hosting the show next year? Yea or nay?

CraveOnline will be back with more accurate B-Movies Podcast predictions as soon as they announce that Austin Powers 4 will be based on the grittiness of Casino Royale.