Mama Said Knock You Out! 5 Hilarious Knockouts

They say that getting knocked out feels like putting your head in a vice. No thank you. However, we find that watching people getting knocked-out is the next best thing. 

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

Violence is never the answer… Unless it is hilarious violence. We here at CraveOnline have scoured the interwebs in search of the funniest knockouts we could find. Truthfully, you could probably find them yourself, but — let's be honest — who has that kind of time anymore? 

From the office brawling to famous astronauts, the following knockouts should give you at least ten minute of killing time at work.

Check 'em out. 

1. Double-Knockout! 

It's bad enough getting knocked out in the first round. But what's even worse is that you find yourself on ESPN getting laughed at by a bunch of jackasses. 


2. The Wobbly-Leg Knockout! 

There's a reason that your mother told you to take it slow if you ever got hit in the head. This guy, apparently didn't listen. Look at the wonder and disappointment in his face when he gets back up!


3. One Punch Wonder!

Ivan Drago is back! And he just got his ass handed to him! 


4. Rumble at the Hungarian Call Center!

Not sure what language they're speaking, but it seems like the one guy might need a vacation. Essentially, this clip is the real-life version of the movie "Wanted."


5. Buzz Aldrin Knockout! 

What's worse? Getting knocked out by a really old guy, or getting knocked out by an American legend? The truth is, it sucks either way. Apparently, this gentleman was arguing with Apollo 11 astronaut, Buzz Aldrin about the validity of him walking on the moon. Not a good idea. This is what happened when you F*CK with Buzz!


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