Resistance 3’s First DLC Announced

The game literally just came out and DLC is already official.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Resistance 3 just launched in the U.S. today. So what better way to celebrate a game hitting shelves than to announce DLC? That's seems to be Sony and Insomniac's mindset here, as they've announced that Resistance 3 will get its first DLC pack on October 4, 2011. That’s less than a month from now. Quick turnaround, am I right?

The DLC pack, called “Survival,” adds a new mode called Invasion to Resistance 3’s multiplayer component. In Invasion, humans and Chimera compete over multiple control maps scattered across the map. The DLC will also offer up a Survival skin and XMB theme.

The only downside to this announcement is that the Survival pack will not be free. Instead, players will have to fork over $3.99 to take advantage of the new multiplayer mode. Is the price a deal breaker? No. But it is disappointing that less than a month after you just paid $60 for the game, you’re already asked to pony up more cash for bonus content. Unfortunately, that’s just the way things work these days.