Marvel: Season One Cover Art

Here's a look at the images adorning Marvel's attempts to modernize the origins of their flagship characters.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Marvel: Season One

So "Marvel: Season One" is an effort to update the origins of the Stan Lee classics like the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, Spider-Man and Daredevil in graphic novel form.  This has been tried on several occasions, of course, especially with a tagline saying that they "modernize the seminal origins of these characters while also offering new revelations for long-time fans."  Does nobody remember John Byrne's Spider-Man: Chapter One?

Perhaps mistakes have been learned from.  The 'Season One' moniker would seem to indicate that Marvel is attempting to make their characters more easily adaptable to other media, such as television or film.  However, if there's one complaint that's been prominent about superhero films of late, it's that fans are growing a little tired of retreading origin stories.  Besides, how can you modernize 'radioactive waste blinded me but gave me radar sense?' without changing things up pretty drastically?  Then again, maybe they just wanted to do "Year One" stories without aping DC's verbiage.

Will these be the New Official Origins or will they be as ignorable as Byrne's unpopular effort was?  We'll probably have to wait to see how they're received.  But you can check out the covers here, and see if you trust the creative teams involved to strike the right balance between old school and new.


Fantastic Four Season 1


Spider-Man Season 1


X-Men Season 1


Daredevil Season 1