NFL Preview: NFC East

Is this the year of the Cowboy?

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys are coming off of a horrible season last year where they underperformed in almost every area. This year, they are banking on a revamped offensive line and the emergence of young studs Felix Jones and Dez Bryant to return them to prominence. With a solid defense and the return of Tony Romo behind center, the Cowboys are out to show people why they were once considered America's team.

Predicted Finish: 11-5


Philadelphia Eagles

It's SuperBowl or bust for the Eagles this season, or at least that's the vibe they are giving off in Philadelphia. After the tremendously successful season QB Michael Vick had last year, the former felon was rewarded with a $100 million dollar contract in the offseason. That, along with a host of big name free agent signings, puts the Eagles on everyone's radar when it comes to contenders. This season all comes down to whether Vick is the guy we saw last season. Without that, Philly sinks.

Predicted Finish: 10-6


New York Giants

The Giants are in a tough spot this year. They took a noticeable drop in talent on the offensive side of the ball this offseason and they play in the same division as the Cowboys and Eagles, both teams that could make some noise. Eli Manning needs to settle down in the pocket and not throw as many passes to the other team as he did last season, which was a lot, if they hope to hold their own this year. Expect them to run run and run some more this year and rely on their defense to win ballgames.

Predicted Finish: 8-8


Washington Redskins

The Redskins are a team in rebuilding mode and usually that can get pretty ugly before it gets better. Washington has settled in on Rex Grossman as their initil starter but don't be surprised if John Beck  gets in their by mid-season. The coaching staff is high on Beck even though they didn't pick him as the initial starter. Another thing to expect is a revolving door at running back, Coach Shanahan likes to go with the hot hand and if their isn't one, he will find it eventually.

Predicted Finish: 5-11