It’s Peter Stormare vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger in ‘The Last Stand’

The world's biggest action star will make his triumphant return by fighting that guy from Fargo.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Arnold Schwarzenegger may be doing The Expendables 2, but that's not his big comeback role. No, that would be the original action drama The Last Stand, Korean director Kim-ji-Woon's upcoming modern western which will find the Austrian superstar defending a border town from a drug lord fleeing the country. But an action star is only as good as his villain, and while we don't know yet who'll be playing the drug kingpin in question we've just learned from Variety that Peter Stormare will play his right hand goon. Yes, it's Arnold Schwarzenegger vs. That Guy from Fargo in a fight to the death!

Character actor Peter Stormare has had an interesting career: after a breakout role as the quiet psychopath in Fargo, he moved on memorable oddball roles in Armageddon, The Brothers Grimm and The Big Lebowski. But his thick Swedish accent, perpetual stubble and propensity for total weirdness has made him one of the quintessential modern bad guys in the likes of Constantine, The Lost World and TV's Prison Break. He doesn't have Schwarzenegger's muscles, but he can out-crazy just about any actor on the grid.

Stormare joins such acting luminaries as James Earl Jones, Gabriel Byrne and Sinbad as one of Schwarzenegger's long line of movie antagonists, and if nothing else, we think he can knock Sinbad off of any top ten list you can imagine.

CraveOnline will be back with more The Last Stand news after we finish our script for the sequel, The Second-to-Last Stand.