Is There Hope For An NBA Season?

Talks are heating up as preseason approaches.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Everybody fretting over whether or not there is going to be an NBA season this year can start to feel a little better as owners and players met for over 5 hours on Wednesday and plan to resume talks Thursday and even possibly Friday. Considering they met only twice before since the lockout was imposed on July 1st, this is a very positive sign.

Unlike the early going in this process, both sides have been mum to the media about what parts of the deal they are talking about. But mum or no mum, just that they are talking and plan to continue today and possibly tomorrow is grounds for joyous leapings from B-ball fans.

"We agreed that we're going to sit here for as many days as we can to see whether we can make progress, but we agreed not to characterize anything at all," commissioner David Stern said.

Many have thought that this lockout could jeopardize the entire 2011-2012 season, wiping out half if not all of the season. If this were to happen, it would wipe away a decade worth of work that has saw the game evolve back into a media focal point. With young players like LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin, the league is heading back into a level of popularity it hasn't seen since the Michael Jordan era.

"There's a window here. We have an opportunity to make some progress, to try to hammer some things out," union president Derrick Fisher said.

"Time is running down, not necessarily out, but I think we all feel in the room that if we continue to work at it we can possibly find a way to get a deal done."

Basketball needs to get a deal done and get it done fast. It cannot miss any games and expect to continue it's popularity rise. These talks may lead to nothing in the big picture but at least they are at a table together and when you have both sides at a table, miracles can happen.

Even if they don't want to tell the media.

"It's tough to characterize it in one fashion or another. Obviously, the more we have the opportunities to meet, talk and discuss and really try to figure out how we can put a deal together, the better, so you can characterize that as positive in a sense," Fisher said. "But to characterize what comes out of the meetings and whether we're making progress or we have momentum, we can't say and it's tough to say. Until the deal is done, there is no deal."

Here's hoping both sides come to their senses and hammer this thing out. It would be a shame to essentially lose this sport for another decade just because these people can't figure out how to get things done.