Battlefield 3 Teases New Mission

Our brains just blew out the back of our heads, for real.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


DICE is gearing up to reveal a brand-new mission from Battlefield 3 next Friday called “Operation Guillotine.” How do we know this? Well, they released a teaser trailer showing some snippets of the mission and we just gathered the strength to pick our jaws up off the ground and write this post.

We’ve gone ahead and embedded the all-too-brief teaser for you below. We strongly recommend a drool bucket. DICE and EA are promising more on “Operation Guillotine” next Friday. We might even be getting a new video series that shows off the night-time mission in chunks, a la the “Fault Line” series that ran earlier this year. But don’t quote us on that. Seriously, don’t. We’re honestly not sure what to expect come late next week. But expect something big, or why would they tease it in the first place?