Red Dead Redemption GOTY Edition Revealed

Get the original game, Undead Nightmare and all multiplayer DLC for a fifty spot.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


To say Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption was a success is a wild understatement. In 2010, the game wrangled up more than 160 Game of the Year awards, including our own. And now Red Dead Redemption is getting a reissue fit for a game of the year. Ladies and gentlemen, Rockstar presents the Red Dead Redemption Game of the Year Edition, coming to Xbox 360 and PS3 on October 11, 2011 in the U.S. (October 14th, internationally) for $49.99.  

So what makes this edition of the game so special? Well, a lot of stuff actually. The Red Dead Redemption GOTY Edition will come with the regular game (obviously), all free and paid multiplayer DLC and the popular Undead Nightmare expansion.

Here’s the full list of content included, courtesy of Rockstar:

  • Original Red Dead Redemption game with a brand-new hardcore single-player mode;
  • Undead Nightmare single-player campaign and multiplayer* modes;
  • Legends and Killers Pack*, featuring additional multiplayer map locations, multiplayer characters, and the Tomahawk projectile weapon;
  • Liars and Cheats Pack*, including the Stronghold multiplayer competitive mode, Free Roam gambling games, multiplayer horse races with combat, and the Explosive Rifle.
  • Hunting and Trading Outfits Pack, featuring two outfits with corresponding gameplay challenges for John Marston;
  • Outlaws To The End Co-Op Mission Pack*, including six co-op missions for up to four players;
  • All original pre-order content, including the Deadly Assassin Outfit, War Horse, and Golden Guns Weapon Pack;
  • Solomon’s Folly single-player gang hideout and challenges available for the first time on Xbox 360;
  • Just-released Myths and Mavericks Bonus Pack, featuring fan-favorite multiplayer characters and all-new locations to battle in.

If you haven’t picked up Red Dead Redemption yet, you might as well hold out until this version releases in roughly a month. But once this guy is on store shelves, you no longer have an excess for not playing Red Dead Redemption. Not only was it one of the best games released last year, but it’s also one of the best games ever made. Fact.