I @#$&ing HATE Tom Brady!

But even I have to admit he's pretty darn good.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

If there is one player I absolutely despise in all the annals of NFL football history, then that would be New England Patriots QB Tom Brady. Everything about Brady seems to set me off. From his pretty boy good looks to his constantly high level of play, this guy sure knows how to piss me off.

My hatred for the man started back in his (ugh) Michigan days. Being a Buckeyes die hard, we are naturally born to hate anything associated with the Wolverines and since he was their starting QB in 1998 and '99, then he was target numero uno for my vitriol. Despite my seething animosity, Brady did manage to lead Michigan to a share of the Big Ten Title in '98.

Next up came the 2000 NFL draft and my anger turned to triumph as the despised Brady was picked with the #199th pick by the New England Patriots. Ha! Take that you Michigan LOSER, you ain't gonna be anything in the NFL. No QB taken in the sixth round is going to amount to SQUAT in the NFL. I win at last, my hatred is vindicated.

Somehow though, Brady made the roster as the fourth QB, which is really odd because most teams don't keep four QB's. By the end of his rookie campaign, Brady would climb the depth chart to number 2, only behind starter Drew Bledsoe.

My anger started back up.

Then came September 23rd, 2001. In the game against the rival New York Jets, Bledsoe suffered internal bleeding after a vicious hit by linebacker Mo Lewis. On the field trotted the cocky, arrogant Tom Brady, and my worst fears came to light, this Michigan bum was a starter in the NFL.

Brady would go on to lead the Patriots to the AFC Title game where he would be injured by my beloved Steelers (Ha!) who turned around to lose the game when Bledsoe came in. Then, huge underdogs to the ST Louis Rams in SuperBowl XXXVI, Brady would go out and earn MVP honors in a 20-17 win.

Thus the legend of Brady was born.

During his eleven year career up to this point, the despised Brady has won three SuperBowls, earning two SB MVP's. He would earn 6 Pro Bowl nods as well as two league MVP awards, including being the only player to be unanimously picked for the award in 2010. Brady would orchestrate a perfect 16-0 regular season in 2007 as well as set the record for most passing touchdowns in a season at 50.

A sure fire Hall of Fame quarterback, Brady (oh, how I hate typing his name) has exceeded everyone's expectations and may go down as the greatest QB of all time. And as much as I am loathe to admit it, he deserves every accolade tossed his way.

But, just to be clear, I still loath the %&*# .