Hey, Scorsese! Miles Teller Wants to be in ‘The Gambler!’

The star of Rabbit Hole and Footloose tells us he wants in on some more remake action.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Miles Teller is a star on the rise. After a memorable supporting turn in John Cameron Mitchell's Oscar-nominated Rabbit Hole, he's moved on to the Chris Penn role in Craig Brewer's remake of Footloose and the upcoming comedy 21 & Over from Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, the writers of the Hangover movies. At a recent set visit, our own Andy Hunsaker sat down with Teller to discuss what he wants to do next. His response? He wants in on The Gambler, Martin Scorsese's upcoming remake of Karel Reisz's original, classic drama, which starred James Caan and was written by James Toback. And he wants us to help make it happen.

Well… Martin Scorsese isn't answering our calls lately, but we'll give it a shot, Miles. But only because you kicked ass in Rabbit Hole

CraveOnline: Are there any directors or actors you'd really like to work with?  Anything you see going on in the industry that you'd like a piece of?

Miles Teller: […] Who's doing the remake of that James Caan movie? 'The Gambler?' They're doing that at Paramount, and I'm trying to get in that. This is the first time anybody's heard that, but let's put that rumor out there. Just say I'm up for it. People get parts like that, man.

Funny guy, that Miles. Scorsese, he's a talented dude. Make it happen. Oh, and Miles? When you're accepting your Academy Award, don't forget our URL…

Photo Credit: WENN.com