Mayweather vs. Ortiz – Fight recap

We have the recap from the controversial Mayweather vs. Ortiz fight.

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Mayweather vs. Ortiz

"Instant Karma's gonna get you. Gonna knock you right on the head." – John Lennon.

On Saturday night in Las Vegas the most notorious boxer in the world, Floyd Mayweather Jr.(41-0, 25KOs) took on WBC welterweight champ and massive underdog, Victor Ortiz (29-2, 22KOs). Mayweather is coming off a long layoff that has included numerous legal battles combined with family troubles in his camp.

Even thou Mayweather was the heavy favorite it was believed by many insiders that the 24-year-old Ortiz posed a legitimate threat to his opponent's undefeated record.

In the first round Mayweather quickly landed two straight rights as soon as both men took the center of the ring. Ortiz attempted to attack Mayweather until he was on the receiving end of another straight right to the chin. Mayweather found himself on the ropes as Ortiz pounded away at his body. Ortiz was struck once again with a quick straight right while Mayweather swiftly moved out of the way showing no signs of "ring rust" whatsoever. During the second round Ortiz landed a few good left hand leads followed by a chopping right hook. Mayweather took two solid body shots before he landed a hard right that snapped Ortiz's head back. Ortiz quickly pushed Mayweather into the ropes, leading in with his head. Ortiz's strategy became very clear; he wanted to move Mayweather into the ropes, pound his body and use his size to impose his will. Mayweather was having none of it. Floyd shot three consecutive right hand leads that had the crowd "oooh" & "ahhhing" in perfect unison each time he landed. Ortiz once again muscled up on Mayweather into the ropes, leading with his head.

The third round started with Mayweather landing a left hook as Ortiz lunged toward him. Mayweather was starting to use his jab, effectively. Ortiz landed a nice body shot but ate two straight rights for over committing.  Mayweather landed a picture perfect straight right that pushed Ortiz back. Ortiz's punches were being blocked and paid for with every counter Mayweather successfully landed. Mayweather landed a gorgeous right cross over another one of Ortiz's failed attempts of attack.

The fourth round saw Mayweather come out of the gate like a man on a mission. Mayweather threw about fourteen unanswered punches that had the crowd standing on its feet. Ortiz once again pushed Mayweather on the ropes and used his head to push under Floyd's chin. Mayweather responded with a quick check hook followed by a huge uppercut/left hook combo. Ortiz jumped in-front of Mayweather and proceeded to push him against the ropes with a maddening charge of punches that were blocked but felt. Mayweather controlled Ortiz in the center of the ring with a straight right counter and the jab. Ortiz landed a great right hook followed by a left hand that pushed Mayweather against the ropes. Ortiz went to the body but then out of nowhere decided to intentionally head-butt his opponent. The referee paused the action and took a point away from Ortiz. He then signaled for both men to continue the fight. Ortiz tried to apologize to Mayweather and after he accepted, Mayweather proceeded to land a huge left hook followed by a right hand all while Ortiz had his hands down. The ref counted Ortiz out and Mayweather was awarded the knockout.

This was an extremely controversial ending that was topped off by an exchange between Mayweather and HBO commentator Larry Merchant.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. said it best after the fight   – "It's protect yourself at all times."

Looked like instant karma for Victor Ortiz to me.


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