Watch Us Play: Gears of War 3

Joey and Erik find out the end is nigh.

Erik Norris & Joey Davidsonby Erik Norris & Joey Davidson


It’s all Lancers, Locust and garden tending on this week’s episode of Watch Us Play. One of those things definitely doesn’t fit, but you’re going to have to watch the below video of us playing Gears of War 3 to find out which one.

Erik and Joey strap in for roughly 15 minutes of Gears of War 3’s opening Act. But don’t worry, we shy away from spoiler territory. Because trust us, we don’t want to ruin the Gears of War 3 campaign experience for you. But if you can’t wait until tomorrow to see the game in action, fire up the below Watch Us Play, kick back with a beer and enjoy some footage of dudes being chainsawed in half. Ah, the power of entertainment.


Watch us play Gears of War 3 in HD.

Also, be sure to read our Gears of War 3 review to know just how good the game is.

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