Vick Sustains Concussion In Loss

Is thus a prime example of why he's overpaid? I think so.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Guess what, Michael Vick sustained a concussion in Sunday nights loss to the Atlanta Falcons and may have to miss the next game. Can anyone claim to be shocked by this?

The Michael Vick 'redemption' story has been the talk of the NFL the past couple of years. Coming out of prison and signing on with the Eagles as their third string back, only to finally get his shot and perform so well that the team traded the two guys in front of him, giving him a $100 million dollar contract in the process. It's been a great story but like with any story, the difference between what's in the papers and what's reality is two different things.

In reality, the guy doesn't deserve either the big contract or to be praised for his 'rehabilitation'.

On the financial side of things, how can you justify giving the type of money Philly did to a guy who isn't even going to be on the field for the whole season? For all this talk of 'Vick the passer' the guy still runs too much and throws himself into defenders like he's in his early 20's and not his early 30's, which is where he's at. At this stage in his career, Vick should be running to avoid sacks and hits, trying to expend plays ala Ben Roethlisberger. Instead he's rushing head first into linebackers and safety's, almost like he's wearing a sign that says 'please injure me'.

Look, I understand injuries happen in the freakiest ways, the concussion he received in Sunday nights loss to Atlanta was more from friendly fire than anything else, but it's almost like Vick invites them with his lack of some essential quarterback intangibles. Those intangibles are basically an internal clock that lets him know when to get rid of the ball and field sense, which is knowing where the players of the other team are and when they are getting close to you. 

Is the guy a vital, key ingredient to Philly's offense? Yes. Are they a better team with him on the field? Yes. Can they count on him to be there come the big games and the playoffs when they need him? Simply put, no, and it's because of this last no that I think they overpaid the guy quite a bit.

As far as Vick the person, he's been doing all the right things and saying all the right things in interviews but can that really be regarded as the actions by a changed man or just that he has wised up and is following a set of parameters established by his agent and the Eagles to help how he is perceived? I don't know and I guess nobody outside his inner circle really knows what's true and what's been carefully planned. All I know is that in Sunday nights game, as he was walking off the field after his latest injury to a series of boo's, he brazenly pointed up to the scoreboard twice in response (Philly was ahead at that point).

This cocky, childish gesture, proved to me that the Vick seen right now isn't much farther along than the Vick we've seen prior to his prison stint. Sure, he probably isn't running some illegal operation out of his property anymore but the essential character flaw, that childish bravado, is still intact and if that's still there, you have to wonder what else is the same also.

Whatever the case, the Eagles are stuck with the man and as long as he can stay on the field, they are a quality football team. It's just the keeping him on the field part that I wish them luck with.