Top 5 Lady Gaga ‘Born This Way’ Parodies

The weirdest, funniest, wackiest Lady Gaga 'Born This Way' parodies. and one bad one like super bad.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

In the world of web video, Parody and Spoof videos are king, and in the world of music Lady Gaga is the queen. Unless she really has a penis, in which case she’s also a king… and now I’ve got some weird sword fighting imagery in my head… so great, look what you’ve done to my metaphor!

So in this new column, I’ll be on the hunt for the funniest, weirdest, and awesomest video parodies.

Where better to start then with the King of Queens: Lady Gaga. Here are the 5 best, funniest, Telephone parodies.

And what video better to start with then possibly the most talked about Web Video Parody – from the king of Parody Weird Al.

Perform This Way (Parody of "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga)

Weird Al’s parody may also be the only parody endorsed by the artist herself. So he’s got that going for him, aside from that whole being the GodFather of parody songs thing. It’s odd to think generations now turning to the web, do not remember a time where Only Weird Al was doing these things.

Though possible not as weird, or sexually disturbing as Al’s head being super imposed on the hawt taut body of his female gag body double.


‪The Key of Awesome!: ‪LADY GAGA – Born This Way Parody – The Key of Awesome #36‬

Barelypolitical takes on the full range of oddity of the full Gaga video, intro and video and Lauren Francesca’s amazing body.


X-MEN BORN THIS WAY (Lady Gaga Parody)

Being a geek at heart I have to include this video byTheWarpZone and while they have a little to be desired in casting and production values, my biggest gripe is simply this. Magneto doesn’t need to strum his guitar with a pick, he just uses his freakin mind powers! I mean really, research people research!


‪KEEPtheHEAT: ‪Lady Gaga – Born This Way (FAT PARODY)‬

Bring the list in to a nice round number of four here’s the phattest of the parodies yet to come. keeptheheat cranks up the fat suit in their Born this Way video featuring Alex Negrete.

Minecraft: ‪Form This Way (Minecraft Parody of Lady Gaga's Born

In the fifth slot joining one of the most popular games this year, Minecraft enters the arena in this video by BlueXephos.  The singing falls a bit flat, but with 4.5 million views and only 1800 dislikes it’s apparently a big hit with it’s fans. Or it’s built them out of pixels. I’m not sure.


The Worst of the Best

Lady GaGa "Born This Way" Parody

With nearly 2.5 Million views it seems like leaving out the horror of this video by BartBaKer would itself be a horrible thing to do. Though watching it may be something you can never undo.

So enjoy, or simply use this as the next big Rick Roll on some unsuspecting co-worker you dislike from a far.