Top 5 Surprises After NFL Week 2

Jack is ashamed of his friend at the top of the beanstalk.  It's true he told me.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

Ahh, week 3 of the NFL season is almost here, but let us not just pick up and move on from Week 2.  We have but little time to reminisce the outstanding surprises that were given to us last weekend.  Shall we begin?


5.  Giants – The Bigger They Are, The Lamer They Fall

Monday Night Football is the largest stage in NFL football outside of the Super Bowl.  There are no other games to watch that are competing with viewers, so all eyes this week were on The New York Giants and St. Louis Rams.  All of those eyes saw travesty befall the hallowed grounds of the Meadowlands, as not one, but two, yes two hometown Giants players flopped on the ground, feigning injuries to slow down the Rams no-huddle offense.

"They couldn't get subbed, they couldn't line up," Bradford said. "Someone said, 'Someone go down, someone go down,' so someone just went down and grabbed a cramp."

Tsk tsk.  Much shame.


4.  ESPN purchases rights to air Monday Night Football in 3D

Ok so this is not that crazy of a surprise, but it IS some pretty cool news.  Although, I'm not completely sold yet that 3D is really going to make football more enjoyable to watch.  ESPN has experimented before already with the X-Games and garnered great reviews, and the 2011 NBA All-Star game had some closed-circuit 3D broadcasts last year in Los Angeles, of which they were quite proud.

The 8-year, $15.2 billion rights deal between ESPN and the NFL starts in 2014 and runs until 2021.  The new deal covers items from new studio programming beginning this season to availability of games on the WatchESPN mobile app to the Pro Bowl.


3. The City of Atlanta does not like Michael Vick

I don't know about you, but I was totally shocked…  As far as I knew, Michael Vick did NOT commit heinous crimes that sent him to federal prison, abandoning the Atlanta Falcons, ripping the face of the team clean off.

Oh right, he did do that.  Damn.  But Atlanta fans were given exactly what they wanted; Michael Vick spitting up blood as he is walked off the field late in the 3rd Quarter, pointing at the Eagles slight lead on the scoreboard through the boos of Dirty Bird fans.

On top of all that, the Falcs came back in the 4th to win the game.  Guess the Eagles really do need Mikey.

Personally.  I like Mike.


2.  Ravens get their wings clipped

The Ravens wowed everybody Week 1 when they absolutely demolished the Pittsburgh Steelers, making the Black and Yellow look nothing like a team that played in the Super Bowl six months earlier.  But, as the Steelers used Week 2 to bounce back and prove that they are still a top NFL team, the Ravens decided to remind everyone why they're never in the Super Bowl.  They are inconsistent.  For a defense that forced 7 turnovers in Week 1, the Tennessee Titans QB Matt Hasselbeck was able to pass 30-42 for 358 yards and 1 touchdown.  Umm, pathetic Baltimore. 

I admit I may be more upset about this because they are the defense on my fantasy football team.  What the hell guys, Brady is cleaning up for me at QB but you still have to contribute at least a few points!


1.  Cam Newton proves he is NOT a joke

Whether you're a lover or a hater of the golden boy from Auburn, there is no denying that his first NFL game of the season was off the charts.  He wasn't able to pull off a win against Arizona, but we all respected his amazing box score, passing 24-37 for 422 yards and 2 touchdowns with only one interception.

Then came Week 2.  We all thought, maybe Week 1 was a fluke.  Nope.  He's the most ridiculous rookie of all time apparently.  Newton followed up his Arizona show by passing 28-46 for 432 yards 1 touchdown and 3 interceptions.  His QB rating wasn't as good the second game due to the interceptions, but lets be real, no one thought anybody but Brady could do something like this.  Obviously we were wrong.

And let's face it, he may be 0-2, but he plays for the Carolina Panthers.  The fact that we're even paying attention to that terrible team's existence should be reason enough to praise Cam Newton as the God of Football.

Bow down bitches.