Not in the Diablo 3 Beta? Watch a Full Playthrough

The beta is limited, you may be feeling down on your luck...

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Diablo III

No, not everyone can play Blizzard's Diablo III beta right now. It's in a limited friends and family groove that is keeping a lot of die-hard fans out of the mix. That's not part of Blizzards plot for world domination, or anything, the company may just need to stress test the title before giving the horde a go.

But, hey, if you really feel like you're missing out on the experience (you are) and you want to see what the game is all about (you do), then one YouTube user has done you a solid.

You can watch one, very fast play-through of the beta from the perspective of someone that went with the Wizard class. It's more than an hour in length, so bust out a pizza before sitting down with this bad boy. Here we go…

Alright, what do you think?