‘Fringe’ Producers Hint At Peter Bishop’s Return

Joshua Jackson also gets to write a new chapter from the future of "Fringe."

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

While it's an open secret that Joshua Jackson's Peter Bishop will appear in the upcoming fourth season of "Fringe," the primary mysteries surrounding him are the manner of his return and when it will happen.

During a press conference interview earlier this week (via Entertainment Weekly), "Fringe" executive producers J.H. Wyman and Jeff Pinkner teased fans of the show with some tantalizing hints about Peter's ultimate fate.

Potential spoilers ahead!


Despite Peter's removal from history, Wyman made sure to emphasize that the episodes in the previous seasons still counted. “Just because [Peter] doesn’t exist doesn’t mean that those three years we’ve invested all didn’t happen. It did happen. And it will all unfold itself for you to understand what context I’m speaking.”

“The show constantly tries to recontectualize your perception of this story," added Pinkner. The idea that Peter is gone — and, ultimately, he’s not permanently gone — is an opportunity to recontectualize the story and what we’ve seen again. It’s something we love to play with.”

Pinkner went on to say that Peter's eventual return will have consequences that will “give us an engine for the greater part of the season.”

Wyman also noted that the alternate Dr. Walter Bishop (John Noble) aka Walternate is still actively working against the Fringe team. “Despite all promises to the contrary — [Walternate] is still a bad guy, manipulating things behind the scenes. So that’s another story we’re going to be delving into.”

Other teasers dropped by the producers included upcoming cases that deal with “time travel,” “out-of-control biology” and “humans who mess with the rules of nature” as well as a brand new orange opening credit sequence that will signify the universe without Peter.

As for Joshua Jackson, Entertainment Weekly is also reporting that the actor has written a "Fringe" comic book which will be released via DC Comics' App with at least the first installment also on dccomics.com. Joining Jackson are Jorge Jimenez for the sequential pages and Drew Johnson on covers. EW also posted the first cover and a two page preview, while suggesting that Jackson's story will follow future Peter as he brings the Doomsday Device to the past and creates the legend of the First People.





New "Fringe" comics will be released biweekly, while alternating between Jackson's three part "Peter and The Machine" story and a "what if" style feature that reimagines various events from the show's mythology

The first part of the "Fringe" digital comic is currently online. And the fourth season premiere will debut on Fox this Friday night at 9PM!