NFL Power Ten: Week 2

Ranking the ten best teams coming out of week 2.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Remember folks, this is a poll about results, not potential, so if you don't see teams like the Ravens and the Steelers on here yet, there is a reason, they haven't earned it on the field yet.


1. New England Patriots (2-0)

Damn, can anyone stop the Patriots offense from going up and down the field? They are a one dimensional offense and don't give a crap if you know it. Stop them if you can. My money's on you not doing it often. Defense needs to step it up a bit.


2. Houston Texans (2-0)

Between the Texans, the Patriots and the Packers, the trend for top teams seem to be have a high flying offense and defense be damned. Whatever the case, it's working. Houston is on track to wrest the division out of Indy's hands with little resistance.


3. Detroit Lions (2-0)

Dare I say that the Detroit Lions are the most complete team in the NFL at this point? I dare and their +52 point differential backs that up. If the Lions can avoid the dreaded injury bug, then they could honestly give the Packers a run for the division.


4. Buffalo Bills (2-0)

Is there any more surprise 2-0 team than the Bills? If you would have polled America about what teams would be undefeated going into week 3, I bet Buffalo would have ranked among the lowest of teams chosen. But, these surprising Bills, are 2-0 and have a date with the New England Patriots next. Gut check time.


5. New York Jets (2-0)

The Jets have lost a step on offense despite the crazy scoring they did on Jacksonville but they remain as stout as ever on defense and like the old saying implies, defense wins championships. I don't see the Jets doing it in today's high flying league but they will be a handful on any given Sunday so you can't count them out.


6. Green Bay Packers (2-0)

Going over my top ten from last week, I noticed the defending SuperBowl Champs were not on the list.

Was that a subconscious lingering bias for the team that ousted my Steelers? It's possible but I rectify that here. They do need to shore up that defense a bit, though.


7. New Orleans Saints (1-1)

The Saints have one of the most explosive and prolific offenses in the league, if it stays healthy. Right now they are suffering from receiver health issues and need to work on their ground game. Overall though, this is a dangerous team.


8. Washington Redskins (2-0)

OK, maybe the Redskins would have won the pole on surprise 2-0 teams over the Bills but whatever the case, this team keeps winning. Next up is a Monday night game against Dallas that is suddenly more winnable thanks to a rash of Cowboy injuries. Can this be the year of the Redskins? Nah, but it's been nice so far.


9. Oakland Raiders (1-1)

Oakland has been pretty solid this year and is just a hair close from being a 2-0 team. They have talent at all the skill positions and are poised to make the leap to relevancy again.


10. Philadelphia Eagles (1-1)

The Eagles would have beat Atlanta if Vick could have stayed upright but isn't that the perfect example for this years Philly team? They go as far as Vick takes them and if Vick doesn't stay on the field, they lose.