The Big List: Facebook Anger! Computers Broken! Steve Martin!

Facebook users are so angry about the new changes, they might all change their profile pics to something!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Time to create a social networking site, watch it get super popular, become a really successful business icon before you’re 30, make some tweaks to your site, insist that the changes are here to stay despite the outcry, go count your billions and check out these links!


25 People Who Are Really, Really Angry About The New Facebook

I’m not surprised people are upset, but I am surprised so many people remember MySpace.


Steven Martin Gives Eddie Murphy Oscar Hosting Advice

“Start slimming down now. You looked kinda paunchy in Norbit.” [Image via]


Sony Keeps Sending Broken Computers To Some Guy

Some Guy to Sony: “Stop!”


Why Are Ancient Prophets Always So Goddamn Cryptic?

An ancient Greek soldier gets to the bottom of this. (Click the link for the full comic.)


Meet The Laundry Arcade Machine

Now you know longer have to decide between video games and dry clothes. For the record, I’ve traditionally chosen video games.


That’s all for this edition of The Big List. Join us next week for the list that never quits. This list!


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