‘Fringe’ Season 4 Cast Interviews

Anna Torv, John Noble, Joshua Jackson, Jasika Nicole, Blair Brown and more tell us what's coming up in the fourth season!

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Fringe Season 4

At this year's San Diego Comic-Con International, we caught up with the primary cast of Fox's amazing sci-fi show, "Fringe" to get some insight into the upcoming fourth season. John Noble and Anna Torv told us about playing opposite themselves as the alternate Walter Bishop (aka Walternate) and the alternate Olivia Dunham (aka Fauxlivia), while Joshua Jackson revealed his hand in Peter Bishop's cliffhanger from the end of the third season before teasing us with scenarios for how Peter may return from non-existence.

Then Jasika Nicole and Blair Brown told us about life without Peter and what that means for Astrid and Nina. Brown even speculates as to whether Nina still has her cybernetic hand before "Fringe" executive producers Jeff Pinker and J.H. Wyman tell us their favorite character pairings from the fourth season and how Peter's erasure from existence will reenvision the show's history.



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