Michelle Rodriguez Returns for ‘Resident Evil: Retribution’

You know, it's not like the name "Resident Evil: Resurrection" was taken or anything...

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

We suspect that the Resident Evil franchise has a slightly inflated opinion of itself. It's a fairly entertaining series of movies (well, except for Apocalypse, obviously), but it's not like even the original film is some kind of milestone worth revisiting via fan service. And yet that's exactly what Resident Evil: Retribution is doing. Barely a week after we learned that Colin Salmon is returning for the fifth installment of Resident Evil, we get news from Bloody Disgusting that Michelle Rodriguez will be returning as her character from the original film as well.

A character who turned into a zombie and died. 

And let's not forget that Colin Salmon was chopped into ice cube-sized little chunks, himself.


Okay, let's give the series the benefit of the doubt for a mo… he… hehe… MWA-hahahaha! Sorry, let's be honest. The Resident Evil movies are so bugnuts that it's just as likely that Salmon and Rodriguez are appearing in flashbacks (the most reasonable scenario) as they are to come back as super-clones from the future. And that would be fun as hell.

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