‘Green Lantern: Extended Cut’ Announced!

But only on Blu-Ray, apparently.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Even though it was one of the most anticipated movies of the summer, Green Lantern passed by with barely a signal flare. We had problems with it. Like, serious problems. It wasn't awful, but even its defenders aren't too vehement about its charms. Most people agreed that it felt like big chunks of the film were missing. Today, Warner Bros. announced that the Blu-Ray release – and apparently only the Blu-Ray release – of Green Lantern will include an extended cut of the film, i.e. one with chunks added back into it. What chunks? That they're being coy about.

The Green Lantern Blu-Ray, about which we're obviously hopeful (Green Lantern jokes – ha!), will include such special features as Maximum Movie Mode with Picture-in-Picture, Deleted Scenes, Justice League #1 (no word on which particular version thereof, but it's "digital enhanced," so we imagine it's the new reboot) and featurettes like "Ryan Reynolds Becomes Green Lantern" and "Universe According to Green Lantern."

We're waiting to hear if this is the mammoth re-cut we're all hoping for, or if the extended cut just adds a couple of scenes in. Bear in mind that practically every scene in Green Lantern featured tons and tons of expensive CGI, so it's possible that they won't have thrown money at finishing every single deleted scene. (Hence the extra "deleted scenes" feature.)

Either way, it's worth getting excited about. But there's just no guaranteed that they fixed it.

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