Star Wars: The Old Republic Has a Release Date

Our minds can’t deflect news of that magnitude!

Mike Whiteby Mike White


I woke up this morning and started my normal routine. I placed the kettle on the burner, ground a few scoops of coffee beans and turned on my computer. Half awake, I scrolled through the list of new messages in my inbox. The first one to catch my eye was “The Announcement You’ve been Waiting For,” from The Old Republic Community. At first I thought, “Thank god a beta key, finally.” Much to my dismay, as I clicked on the message, all that followed was “Announcing the release date: 12.20.2011.”

What am I saying? Screw the beta key. Star Wars: The Old Republic will actually be here before the end of the year. The three big games I’m looking forward to are Diablo 3, Guild Wars 2 and Star Wars: The Old Republic. Guild Wars has no release date anywhere in site. We can only hope it drops sometime in 2012. Diablo 3, which Blizzard led us to believe would come out before the end of this year, has been pushed back to early 2012.

The Old Republic began it’s pre-sale almost a month ago, yet I hesitated to take up the offer. With the game’s release less than a week before Christmas, I might actually need the early access granted to those who pre-order the game if I want any serious playing time over the holidays. My only decision now will be between the standard or deluxe copy of the game.

There are three options available to players for The Old Republic pre-orders. The standard edition is $59.99 and comes with 30 days of game time and early game access. The digital deluxe edition has the game time, early access and additional in-game items such as a tutorial droid, flare gun and a mount all for $79.99.

I’m usually not a sucker for non-combat items but the mount is something that could really sway me. Anyone who purchased the collector’s edition of Rift will tell you that the convenience of access to a mount as soon as you find a mailbox on any character you create is unmatched. If the SW:TOR deluxe edition mount works anything like this it may be worth shelling out the extra $20.