The Playboy Club – Amber Heard

We talk to The Playboy Club 's number one bunny, Amber Heard.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

Amber Heard - The Playboy Club

Amber Heard stars in The Playboy Club, NBC’s new drama about Hugh Hefner’s nighclub in 1960's Chicago. Between the show’s presentation to the Television Critics Association and conference calls with the media, I got to ask her a few questions about the swinging series and her upcoming movies. 


CraveOnline: You look great in the costume.

Amber Heard: Thank you.


CraveOnline: How do you feel it flatters your body?

Amber Heard: You know, it is literally built to flatter. The costumes were built on our bodies. They are built to be exact replicas of the suits that the actual bunnies wore in the ‘60s.


CraveOnline: How did you feel when you put it on?

Amber Heard: When I put it on for the first time, it took me back to this time, this very, very specific moment in history when the ‘60s did something that feels naughty yet nice. It feels edgy and cool and different.


CraveOnlineAre curves coming back?

Amber Heard: If I have to drag them back personally myself, by golly I will.


CraveOnline: Are you still doing Red Sonja? Looking forward to that costume?

Amber Heard: I don’t know but I think that that would be a change from my Playboy suit. It would be a welcome one.


CraveOnline: You look like you are having so much fun on the show, and even in the posters we see around town. Is that just Maureen or is it you also?

Amber Heard: The good thing about my job is that I get to have fun as both my self and the character I’m playing. The wonderful thing about Maureen is I relate to her on a lot of different levels and we share a lot of important qualities. So I guess to answer your question, we’re both having fun. The show is all about fun and it is a blast to work on. We’ve got music, we’ve got dancing, we’ve got performances, we’ve got spotlights and fishnets and lipstick and jazz and martinis. What more could you want? It’s a lot of fun.


CraveOnlineDid you learn a certain style of dance to do the ‘60s sort of shoop?

Amber Heard: Actually we did. We have this wonderful choreographer, very accomplished choreographer work with us on our show. Her name is Fatima Robinson and she is an unbelievable choreographer. She’s taught us the specific kind of ‘60s style dancing which is important because as bunnies, they were in many ways trendsetters. What was new and trendsetting at the time of the ‘60s is obviously not the same as it is today. So we have very specific dance numbers and we also have more elaborate choreographed pieces. Then we have more ‘60s freestyle dancing. It keeps us busy.


CraveOnlineDid you have a lot of fun doing The Rum Diary too?

Amber Heard: Yes, it’s almost the same time period. The Rum Diary takes place in the late ‘50s and this is early ‘60s. In that I also have dancing and performances so that very much reminds me of this in certain ways like that. I’m so excited for that movie to come out. It’s been a long time coming. I think it’s a beautiful movie and I can’t wait for everyone to see it.


CraveOnline: Coming out last year was monumental. Has it changed the way Hollywood has perceived you? And how wonderful has it been for your personal relationships?

Amber Heard: It makes no difference to me personally. I have always been a private person and I’ve always valued my private life. That being said, a lot of the media attention surrounding my relationship has been frustrating simply because I’m a private person. But at the end of the day, I think there is an important moment happening in our society right now and I had to do the right thing. At the end of the day, I don’t label myself one way or another and I come from a place where I find it hard to identify with a label. I’ve dated men in the past. Now I’m dating a woman and I see it as ultimately no big deal.