Cowboys Man Up In Win

Dallas showing toughness and heart in early going.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

If I was a member of the Dallas Cowboys coaching staff, I think I would either kick quarterback Tiny Romo in the shin or poke him in the eye before the next game he plays healthy because frankly, the guy seems to be more clutch when injured. Such was the case on Monday night when Romo had to take pregame injections to kill some of the pain from a fractured rib so he could go out and start against the Washington Redskins.

Start he did, and win he did also as the Cowboys outlasted the Redskins 18-16 in a game that was as much about grit and the true measure of a man than about football.

"I want to play," Romo said. "We only get to go out and do this 16 times, 16 days out of 365 days a year. You want to be out there. You put so much effort, when you go, you go."

Romo wasn't the only Cowboy to man up and play through injury. Wideout Dez Bryant and running back Felix Jones, both suffering from injuries that had them questionable for this game, both played and provided key contributions to securing Dallas's second straight win. The show of toughness was not lost on head coach Jason Garrett, who raved about his players getting the win and playing through injuries.

"It's a tribute to the players who are banged up and fought through and tried to practice as well as they could practice and play as well as they could play," Garrett said. "It's a tribute to the backup players who were ready to play when called upon.

"It's a tribute to everybody throughout the team understanding the resolve we needed to fight through the adversity. Injuries are a part of it for a long, long time. You can never use that as an excuse. The next guy has got to be ready."

For the Washington Redskins, it was a case of just coming up short. On the final drive of the game for the Cowboys, Washington had them backed up to a 3rd and 21 but failed to stop Romo from hooking up with Dez Bryant on a 30 yard pass for the first down. Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall was also called for a facemask penalty when he tackled Bryant, a penalty he didn't agree with and wasn't afraid to talk about.

"I told the ref after that call, that might have been his worst call of the game," Hall said. "He's going to get demerit points for that call. Because that wasn't no facemask."

With the win, Dallas improves to 2-1 and is tied atop the NFC East with Washington, A far better start than the 1-7 they began with last season.