Need for Speed Needlessly Trailers Sports Illustrated Models

Tell me why NFS needed models...really...

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Need for Speed: The Run

EA released the trailer below in order to promote Need for Speed: The Run for its November 15th release. The video features some gameplay mixed in between shots of Sports Illustrated models talking, posing and wearing motion capture equipment.

That clip, however, has been taken down. So, instead, we give you the model announcement trailer. Still, sex ensues.

Rant time.

And the insult comes from EA's marketing team here. Do you think the developers of Need for Speed: The Run really cared which magazine their mo-cap actors and actresses worked for before they stepped into their studio? No. More than likely, the decision to go out and snag Sports Illustrated models was one born out of a "business sense."

Speaking as a gamer, I don't care. I don't care if your voice actresses worked in porn, I don't care if you hire models to pose with me at your booth for convention floor demos, I don't care how many paid-to-be-hot women you think you need to lock down to win over a demographic as fans, I just want to play great games. And if you're marketing finds that you need to sex things up before selling your product, color me a few ticks less interested.

Need for Speed used to be about cars, chases and crashes. That's it. The addition of a story that needs hot swimsuit models scares us.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, the last entry in the franchise, was absolutely fantastic. The marketing for The Run could have been built entirely from the previous title's performance. Show us gameplay, show us accolades from last year's game, show us trailers that present graphical glory; but don't waste our time with models.

Gamers don't care.

Hey, in other news, Need for Speed: The Run looked like a great game at PAX Prime to a our own Erik Norris a few weeks back. Once you drop the quick time event laden cutscenes and sexed up ad campaign from the experience, this is, at its core, another fantastic racing title in the franchise.

The entry will ship for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, iOS and 3DS platforms on November 15th.