Newcastle’s Walk The Dog Day

CraveOnline teams up with Newcastle Brown Ale for a day of Beer, music and food.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

CraveOnline had a lot of fun in Los Angeles last weekend when we partied it up at The Echo in Silver Lake with Newcastle Brown Ale and The Entrance Band.  Great music, awesome beer and a bit of an education on how guys have "faked it" for generations with their significant others.  Yes men, we can fake it too.

In honor of "Walk the Dog Day", Newcastle hosted a party with CraveOnline.  You see, in the UK "walking the dog" was an excuse that men would tell their ladies if what they really wanted to do was head down to the pub and grab a pint.  Fortunately here at CraveOnline, we just let our lady know that we want some beer and a social life.  Then we proceed to let them choose the bar and bring all their friends.  Which consequentially turns into a session of telling us why guys don't understand them.  But we don't care, because we've got our beer and have no idea what they are talking about anyway.

Please enjoy The Entrance Band and all the fun we had at The Echo in Echo Park.