‘The Walking Dead’ New Season 2 Trailer

Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors return to AMC next month.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

The last time we saw former Sheriff Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his band of post-Zombie apocalypse survivors, they were driving away from the exploding CDC building and on the road to an uncertain future.

In the latest trailer from AMC's upcoming second season of "The Walking Dead," we get some tantalizing glimpses of Shane's (Jon Bernthal) attempt to deal with his simmering feelings for Rick's wife, Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies), Andrea's (Laurie Holden) at Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) for ruining her suicide attempt and T-Dog's (IronE Singleton) attempt to make an alliance with another survivor.


AMC has also released a promotional video with "Walking Dead" creator, Robert Kirkman and the cast of the series offering up more teases for the new season.



Scott Wilson, Lauren Cohan and Pruitt Taylor Vince are joining the cast this season, alongside other returning performers including the previously mentioned actors as well as Steven Yeun, Chandler Riggs and Norman Reedus.

To give you an early taste of the zombie insanity to come, a six part "Walking Dead" web series will debut on Monday, October 3 on AMCTV.com; which will chronicle the last days of the "bicycle girl" zombie from the pilot episode before her tragic demise.

The second season of "The Walking Dead" kicks off on Sunday, October 16 on AMC!