The Big List: Juggalo Wisdom! Lost’s Dark Secret! Mitch Hedberg!

The magnets on “Lost” – how did they work?

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Time to pitch a TV show, put in a bunch of crazy stuff, watch in amazement as the show gets picket up, freak out when fans wanna know what the crazy stuff from before was all about, make up some wacky answers and check out these links!


Actual Quotes From The New Juggalo Documentary

"I'm gonna start goin' to college to become a doctor and sh*t." Wit and wisdom from The Dark Carnival.


Damn Lindelof Says The Writers Made Up “Lost” As They Went Along

If you write in a bunch of crazy stuff just because you don’t think the network will air it, you might create problems for yourself 6 years later. Lesson learned!


Mitch Hedberg Loved Uniball Pens

More than you might have guessed.


How Great Sketch Comedy Troupes Got Their Names

No mention of Exit 57. Sorry to disappoint you, The One Other Person Who Remembers Exit 57.


The Laws of Work

Learn these rules well, and you shall be spared the wrath of thine coworkers.


That’s all for this edition of The Big List. Join us next week, as the list marches on, towards liberty, freedom and extreme linkiness.


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