New ‘Avengers’ Pictures Are Here!!!

Some great new stills from the set of The Avengers have just popped up on the web, and we approve.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

We're going to do much ado here. Entertainment Weekly has some kick-ass new stills from the set of The Avengers online now, in advance of their larger feature in the September 30th issue, and we've got a few of them for you right here. We'll admit that beyond the mere existence of these pictures and the fact that they look "cool," there's not a lot of news here. Still no shots of the villains or anything that we might not have anticipated, but if you're anything like us you simply can't wait for this movie to come out in theaters so every little glimpse at the production just makes you salivate. Enjoy these pics, and head on over to Entertainment Weekly to see even more!