The Book Report Podcast – Super-Sized Episode #72

We wrap up the final week of the New 52 with a record-breaking marathon show!  Good lord, this is too much podcast.  We're gorging ourselves on DC before the buzz wears off.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Firestorm #1

Welcome to the Extra-Super-Sized Book Report Podcast #72!  It's the last week of DC's New 52 extravaganza, so we've added a third person to the mix and added a third hour as a result!  Jesus, what's wrong with us?  We'll totally have this thing streamlined next week to something more reasonable, rest assured, but this week, it's like you're hanging out at your local comic shop and with the usual gang of nerds!  And look at that – we're trying to cuss a little less, too!  Ain't we sweet?

Anyway, Blair Marnell from "The Idiot Box" podcast joins Andy Hunsaker and Iann Robinson this week to cover the last week of the New 52.  We also have the head-to-head we hinted at last week where Blair and Iann's vastly differing opinions on X-Men Schism get aired out.  We're covering Superman, Batman: The Dark Knight, Voodoo, Teen Titans, Savage Hawkman, I Vampire, Justice League Dark, The Fury of Firestorm, Green Lantern: New Guardians, The Flash, Blackhawks, Aquaman, All-Star Western, Spider Island, Black Panther and more!  We'll take a breath next week now that we're out from under the DC overload.

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Also, be sure to check out our own Sax Carr's take on the entire Starfire/Sexism controversy!


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