NFL Power 10 Week 3

Ranking the top ten teams before we hit week 4.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Green Bay Packers (3-0)

The Packers go from being forgotten on my list two weeks ago to being on the top. Go Figure. The reigning SuperBowl Champs are looking impressive in the early going and have yet to be really tested outside of week 1 vs New Orleans. Momentum and swagger are two key components to any great run and the Pack have them both in spades.


Buffalo Bills (3-0)

What can I say, nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills, and when they needed to work some magic to overcome a 21-0 deficit to the New England Patriots, they did it. Being able to win like the way they have the last two weeks is the sign of a team destined for a great season. Playing Cincinnati this week, the Bills could easily go to 4-0.


Detroit Lions (3-0)

Probably the second biggest surprise in the NFL behind the Bills, the Lions enter this weekend looking for that win that will open the eyes of everyone in the NFL. If they can topple Dallas at Dallas, they they will make a believer out of quite a few people.


New England Patriots (2-1)

I would hate to be the next opponent of the Patriots this weekend. After blowing a huge lead to Buffalo, the Pats have had a week to chew on their epic collapse and you know all that venom is going to spew out onto the Raiders, their next opponent. They have to be careful though because like the Bills, Oakland is a team that is on the rise.


New Orleans Saints (2-1)

Who needs defense when you have an offense like the Saints? New Orleans is a far cry from being the best team in the NFL but they are clearly one of the most dangerous. Whenever you have a team that can almost score at will, you have to give them a punchers chance in every game. That's where New Orleans is at this point in the season.


Oakland Raiders (2-1)

The Raiders have impressive at almost every turn this year. Their defense is solid and their run game is phenomenal. Their ten point win over the Jets last week was as impressive as it was eye opening. If they can somehow get by the Patriots, watch out AFC.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-1)

The Bucs are quietly putting together another quality start to the season. After losing to Detroit in week 1 and narrowly edging Minnesota in week 2, Tampa Bay came out in week 3 and looked very impressive against a talented Atlanta squad. Like I said before, the NFL is about momentum about as much as talent and you can tell the Bucs are starting to roll.


Dallas Cowboys (2-1)

Dallas is one of the most banged up teams in the NFL but that's OK because it seems to fire them up. The Cowboys are getting some hard lessons in early season adversity with the huge number of injuries that have had to deal with but so far, they have overcome them to post a winning record. More importantly however, the situation at the moment is quietly molding the resolve of this team into a legit threat. They have always had the talent but now they have the will to back it up.


Baltimore Ravens (2-1)

Baltimore is a hard team to figure out. They have had 2 blowout wins and a big loss to the revamped Tennessee Titans. At times they have looked like the best team in the league and at other times, eh, not so much. This weeks game vs the Jets should show us which side Baltimore is leaning towards most.